Tip #1 (of 5) for writing dispute letters

I am beginning a short series of quick tips for writing dispute letters to the credit bureaus. To receive all five tips, please subscribe.

Quick Tip #1: When disputing an account that you are demanding to be deleted, include only ONE reason in your letter.

Do not write two reasons why the account should be deleted, such as “this is not my account” and “the balance showing is false.” If it’s not your account, then why are you bringing up the balance?

If it is not your account it must be deleted from your report. End of story.

By adding another reason, you convolute the situation and reduce your chances of success.

If you include both of your reasons for deletion and the credit bureau does not delete per your request, now you don’t have a new reason for writing in again.

The letters in Repair Your Credit Like the Pros state only one reason per letter, and that is very purposeful.

Remember, anything that is not factual, correct, verifiable and verified, and fair must be deleted. Always follow the law and be truthful in your letters.

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