Credit Repair Success Story

If you are doing credit repair, I hope you’re having success like book reader Ron H who gave me permission to share his fantastic successes with you:

Ron H wrote:

Hi Carolyn-

I just wanted to say thanks for such a brilliant credit repair “system”. This stuff really does work, if followed as laid out in the book

I’ve negotiated 50% settlements and requested the “paid as agreed letter” on multiple accounts.

On one of my balances owed, the collection agent wouldn’t budge during negotiations. I hung up, waited 5 minutes, called back, got a new rep and negotiated the amount that I wanted. I knew I just needed to get the “right” rep on the phone.

I also mailed address removal and inquiry removal letters. I did all of that before the negotiations. 

This is truly amazing stuff!

Congratulations, Ron H! Getting inaccurate or unverified information removed from your credit report is 100% legal in all 50 states and according to federal law.

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  1. Caolyn Is truly amazing, Extremely knowledgeable. Very modest. Completely honest. I’ve read her first book at least twice and use it as a reference for its clear explanations. Need to buy the rest.

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