Captured By a Photograph

Have you ever been captured by a photo to where you could not stop staring at it and kept going back to look again?

That is me with this photo, below. I love how engaged these schoolgirls are in their song. I love how one girl is clapping opposite of all the others and one is choosing not to clap at all.

These girls are in school because someone paid for their uniforms and school fees. In Ethiopia, school is not free, so the children of poor families remain uneducated. Only 44% of Ethiopian women can read. Consequently, they grow up to be “beasts of burden” gathering and carrying firewood on their backs to sell — or to similar fates.

Approximately 90 percent of the workforce in this backbreaking trade of carrying fuelwood this way in this area are women. Photo by Christopher Lett/Mongabay.

If I — if we together — can save one girl from this life through education… !

This is Giving Week with Tuesday being Giving Tuesday. I am donating 100% of my book royalties this week to New Life Ethiopia for education. I have personally met the founder of this organization. She and her husband volunteer 100%, taking no salary or wages from donations. (They have other jobs.)

This is the perfect time to purchase any one of my credit books, possibly as a gift for someone, here or here or here.

Or, if you would prefer to look at their Gifts that Change Lives catalog and choose for yourself how to donate directly, you can use this link.

Please share on social media as you feel is appropriate. Thank you and God bless!

Happy Thanksgiving: Credit-Wise

Three Things to be Grateful For This Thanksgiving Weekend

1. Thankful for knowing more about how to manage and repair credit than before.

2. Thankful for the freedom we have to earn income and to use credit to personal advantage (such as, we are not required to pay all cash to buy a home as in some countries).

3. Thankful that the credit scoring model does not take income into account (credit bureaus do not know anyone’s income), which would be grossly unfair.

Personally, I am thankful for the ability to post on a blog and to write books that help others. I am grateful to share my knowledge to make life better for others.

I am thankful for family and friends and for book readers and for all the nice people who have emailed me success stories and compliments on my writing.

Credit to for the Thanksgiving image.

Are We Making the Credit Card Companies Rich?

I was a little shocked at reading some new stats about credit card debt and interest. I think you will find this interesting, too.

The average interest rate charged on credit cards is 18%. Wow!

When you consider that mortgage loans are approximately 3% now and that auto loans are about 2%, that is a huge profit margin. Let’s look at that in terms of dollars.

Credit card companies will make approximately $100 Billion in profit off of credit card debts this year. Staggering!

Personally, I do not want to give those exceedingly rich credit card companies one single dollar of my money. I hope you feel the same!

If you are carrying a balance month-to-month, I encourage you to do your best to pay off the remaining balance as fast as you are able, so you can quit paying 12% to 24% interest. Credit card interest is not even tax deductible!

Do not close down the account, even after you pay it off. Keep it open for the good credit score points. Then use it as a convenience, never charging more than you can afford to pay off each time the bill comes.

If you are not paying off your credit card balance in full each month, that tells you that you are charging too much. Look at where you might be able to cut back. (I understand there are exceptions, such as when your furnace goes out or your child needs braces. Those are necessities and justified charges. That is different than over-buying of clothes, tech toys, and entertainment.)

With inflation happening now, it is important to keep our debts under control. With the increase in grocery prices, I have been looking at how I can lower my own grocery bill. Maybe we can talk about that as a separate topic another time. I would love to hear your ideas.

Meanwhile, let’s all keep more of that $100 Billion in credit card interest in our own bank accounts.

News! Federal Student Loans Recalled

If you have a federal student loan, this is important news for you.

The U.S. government has recalled loans from several student loan servicing companies, including Navient and others.

This does NOT mean the debt is waived or forgiven. You still owe the loan debt. What it means is that who you make payments to will or has recently changed.


If your payments are set up on auto-pay, it can happen for your payment to go out to the current servicing company rather than to the new one. THIS CAN RESULT IN A LATE PAYMENT ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT.

You need to pay diligent and careful attention to your automatic student loan payments to make sure you do not incur a late payment that is false and not your fault. It has happened many times to other people when their student loans were transferred from one servicing company to another.

Watch for a notice of a new loan servicing company and then call your bank to make sure the payments are set to the new servicer. If you did not see a notice but you have a federal student loan, then I suggest you call and ask. Better to prevent an error than to have to dispute the erroneous late payment later.

This does not apply to private student loans, only to federal student loans.

When Bad Credit is Unfair

Before addressing unfair credit dings, I would first like to talk about all the people whose jobs are a Labor of Love.

So many great Americans, Canadians, and people on every continent labor day after day serving others.

The labor of love might be volunteer work or for pay. Either way, your work is serving and helping others, and you know who you are. I want to take time out to acknowledge you, your generosity, the giving of yourself, and the many sacrifices you and your family make in your line of duty.

Serving others is rewarding and challenging. You suffer in ways most people don’t understand. It can be painful — both physically and emotionally.

Take the case of a firefighter who risks his life saving people, their pets, their homes, their businesses. Firefighting is grueling physically and mentally. After years go by, it takes a toll on a person’s body. I know: my father-in-law was a firefighter.

Today, I would like to say thank you and give honor to all who serve and who served. You are what makes our country great!

Unfair Bad Credit

When a person who has worked their entire life in their Labor of Love gets hit with a disaster through no fault of their own, what happens to their credit and finances?

What happens when insurance isn’t enough to cover medical bills? When income isn’t enough? What happens when savings is gone? All of this and they are barely hanging on, living each day in physical pain, fighting to stay alive?

And still, the medical bills just keep pouring in like a flood… ?

Sometimes, a person is forced to make hard choices. Do you pay your mortgage and property taxes to keep a roof over your head? YES. Do you let some credit cards slide? MAYBE, if you call and they refuse relief and you have no other choice. Do you let medical bills slide into collections? YES, if your insurance won’t cover and you cannot afford to pay both the medical bills and your home loan. You must prioritize.

Always protect your home first. Don’t take turns paying your mortgage and paying other bills. A mortgage is different in that there is no wiggle room for “ping pong” payments. When you are late, you must pay the entire balance, including late fees, all at once to get caught up. It’s not like a credit card where you can carry a balance month to month. A partial mortgage payments gets rejected and then you are in even more trouble.

Protect your dwelling place. After that, pay what you can. If you lose a credit card, that is not a disaster, as long as you still have a home to live in.

Life can be unfair. Life has been unfair to good people who labor in love, to people all throughout history. One day, God will make all things right.

Until then, do the best you can and don’t worry about what you cannot control. Live your life with inner peace, knowing how many people you served, knowing the results of your labors are living on in others.

God bless you all and please pass this on to others who labor in love.

Can a Bankruptcy Get Deleted Off a Credit Report? (Legally!)

Getting a bankruptcy deleted from a credit report is not a con nor a fraud. When you follow the law, per the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), you are legal in all 50 states and according to federal law.

Here is proof of a bankruptcy deleted by Experian. At the top bar in violet, it shows dispute results as of 11/17/2020.
Highlighted in yellow shows the bankruptcy was recorded in the US Bankruptcy Court in Palm Beach, FL.
It shows the results: DELETED!

This is one of two cases shown in the new book, Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy Like the Pros. This case was handled by a credit repair specialist, Mr. Scott Schaff, president and CEO of SW Group Credit Repair, who followed the law to get it deleted for his client. (Printed and posted with his permission.)

Here is a different bankruptcy case with the results from TransUnion. This case was filed in the US Bankruptcy Court in Maryland. The date of the result is 6/18/2021. DELETED!

Do not let anyone tell you a bankruptcy cannot be deleted. It CAN and it IS. Sometimes. There is never a guarantee when it comes to credit repair. How could anyone guarantee what Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion will do? That would be like an attorney guaranteeing a client what the jury will do. To guarantee another’s actions is dishonest and illegal.

It won’t happen overnight. But any time a person can get a bankruptcy legally deleted before the 7 to 10 year waiting period, that is a WIN!!!

When the bankruptcy is deleted, your credit score goes up. As a result of having a higher score, you save money on car loans, insurance premiums, mortgage loans, and credit card interest rates.

NEVER LIE! Do not lie to the credit bureaus. Do not lie to the bankruptcy court. And do not lie on a mortgage loan application. Tell the truth. If there is a question asking if you had a bankruptcy, check the box for yes. Then use one of the letters included in Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy Like the Pros to explain your bankruptcy and get your loan approved.

Thank you for reading and passing on this information to good people who had a bankruptcy in their past. This will help them move forward and save money in their financial endeavors.

Available in paperback on Amazon

30-Day Investigation Rule

If you know anything about credit repair and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you know the bureaus are allowed 30 days to verify whatever minuscule details you are disputing. This protects you from dying of old age before getting a response, which no doubt would happen if they could get away with it.

Let’s take a quick minute and examine the other advantages there are with this 30-day response policy.

What’s actually happening behind the scenes is the bureaus are playing the middle man waiting for a response back from the creditors regarding a particular investigation. It is ultimately the creditors that have 30 days or less to respond to the bureaus, who in turn determine if that response is appropriate.

The pro credit repair experts, such as National Credit Care, continuously see indications that either no work or attempted work was done on the investigation request. Instead, the account is simply deleted, without any argument.

Perhaps they discovered that they dinged the wrong person, someone with the same name. Perhaps they couldn’t verify the details being disputed. Or perhaps they just didn’t get around to it in the timeframe they were allotted.

They don’t divulge that information, but as office paperwork tends to stack higher than the Himalayas — especially during the employee shortage due to Covid — letting documents age 30 days would appear to be no challenge at all. In your experience, does the government operate at lightning speed, or slow as snails like the DMV?

So when they are given only 30 days to complete a series of exquisite investigations into their inaccuracies, you can only guess what the result might be. (A nonexistent investigation and a deletion.)

Many thanks to National Credit Care for providing this pro insight. See HERE for the company site.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

Mentobo. New 2021 Credit Stats!

Two topics today: Mentobo and the new credit score statistics.

Mentobo is an online association to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and literally every person who wants to succeed at life. It’s got everything from discount savings to books to help you reach your goals. I am honored to have my books listed here and here.

Thank you, Mentobo! It is an honor.


The average credit score in the U.S. has gone up since 2020 by 8 points to 695. This is the highest average in 13 years.

On average, a consumer has 3 credit cards.

The average credit card balance is $5,525. Down from $5,897 in 2020 and $6,494 in 2019.

Only 2.3% of consumers have a 30-day late payment on their credit report.

1% have a 60-day late payment.

2.5% have a 90+-day late payment.

Average auto loan debt is $20,505.

Average mortgage loan is $229,242.

In spite of the pandemic, Americans are improving their credit profiles. This is great news! If your credit is below average, I suggest you avail yourself of Mentobo’s help here.

To read the full 2021 credit score report by Experian, see here.

New release now available on Amazon in paperback.

As always, thank you for reading. I do my best to provide interesting and useful information on credit and buying a home.

Are There Errors on Your Credit Report?

Don’t be surprised if your credit report looks less than accurate. Both Forbes and CNBC have reported that approximately 1 in 3 people have errors on their reports.

Your credit report is supposed to be 100% accurate, not 99% accurate.

If you happen to have a collection or charge-off that has been sold, then you have the right to demand verification. Many times, collection accounts are sold to outside collection companies — sometimes over and over again. With each transfer, there is an open door for more errors to occur.

What started out as a $75 missed payment at Walmart might have been turned into a $300 collection with ShadyCollectionsRUs thousands of miles away. Try doing a Google search on the collection company adding the word “complaints.” You might be surprised what you discover!

Common Errors on Accounts

  • The balance is wrong.
  • The date of last payment is wrong.
  • Other date on the account is wrong.
  • The account number is wrong.
  • The account number is partially missing.
  • Your name is misspelled.

If the account is derogatory, do not help your Accuser by providing information to update and correct the account. Instead, demand deletion on the legal basis that the account is in error. Period.

Horrifyingly, I had a person email me asking if she should pay a $2,000 charge-off that did not even belong to her! She wondered if that would be the best way to handle it. NO!

Fortunately, she followed my advice and got the account deleted instead.

Check your credit report for accuracy. Correct, repair, restore your good credit and your good name. To learn how the professional credit repair specialists and credit attorneys repair credit, see here.

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New Book in the Series is Here!

I am excited to announce my third book in the “Credit Like the Pros” series has been released!

If you know someone who had a bankruptcy, this is for them!

Available on Amazon now

Learn how the credit pros get a bankruptcy deleted off your credit report in a manner that is legal in all 50 states.

Beware: You must follow all the steps in order, and never make a false statement to any agency or company.

The book includes letters, personally written by me to the credit bureaus, the creditors, the bankruptcy court, and to the mortgage lender when you’re ready to buy a house. They are unique and not available anywhere else.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by shooting in the dark. Learn what is working now, in 2021, for BK deletion, credit score improvement, and how to get approved for a home loan even with a Chapter 7 or 13 in your past.


I wish you all the best on your journey to better credit,
Carolyn Warren