Tip #2 (of 5) for writing dispute letters

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Quick Tip #2: For the account you wish to dispute, check the spelling of your name and address before sending the dispute letter.

Many people have a typo, misspelling, or nickname on their account. Or, it could be missing your surname, Sr., Jr. III. Look at the actual account by viewing a recent statement to see if your name is incorrect. If so, call (or write) and get your name fixed first. That way, you do not have an incorrect name tying an account to you.

Additionally, check your credit report and send in a letter to have your name corrected with Experian, TransUnion, and/or Equifax first. You do not want an incorrect name in your personal identifier.

An incorrect name opens you up to possible merged credit with a different individual. (Not an uncommon error on the part of the credit bureaus.)

The same goes for your address. I cannot go into very much detail here on this sensitive topic, so for more information see Repair Your Credit Like the Pros, including a letter template you can use.

You can use one letter to correct both name and address. Include two pieces of identification to authenticate your letter, such as a driver’s license, state issued ID, rent or mortgage statement, another billing statement, such as an electric bill.

Remember, anything that is not factual, correct, verifiable and verified, and fair must be deleted. Always follow the law and be truthful in your letters.

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