Credit Repair Statistics You Need

The credit bureaus are infamous for stalling on requests to update and correct information. They like to whip out a form rejection letter that contains no details about your personal account. It’s frustrating but it happens a lot.

What if there was a way to get a favorable response to your first letter, so you didn’t have to go “round two” and “round three”? Well, there is!

Thanks to one savvy credit repair pro*, I have statistics to share with you.

If you include copies of your ID with your request/dispute letter, your chances of being rejected go down. How many pieces of ID should you send?

The more, the better!

Here are the stats:

  • If you send 2 forms of ID, you will have almost 24% rejection rate.
  • If you send 3 forms of ID, the rejection rates drops to 14%.
  • 4 forms of ID, down to 8%.
  • 5 forms of ID, down to 2%.
  • ALL PIECES OF ID MUST HAVE EXACT NAME AND ADDRESSES! If something doesn’t match, don’t send it.

* These statistics are according to professional credit repair business owner Mr. Neal Yeagley.

Acceptable forms of ID are the following:
1) Driver’s license or state issued ID
2) W2 (may black out first 5 digits of your social security number)
3) Paystubs, can send two or three
3) Passport (to show photo of who you are)
4) Electric or gas bill
5) Cell phone or cable bill
6) Rent agreement or mortgage statement
7) Voided personal check with account number blacked out
8) Bank statement, first page to show name and address with account number blacked out
9) Voter registration card

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by sending a piece of ID with your name spelled differently or an address that doesn’t match perfectly! Triple-check!!!

Remember, you have the right to a credit report that is updated, true, correct, and verifiable.

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