Credit Repair Statistics

Yes, credit repair works. Whether you choose to hire a professional service or choose to repair your own credit, good results can happen.

Wrapping up the year, here are some stats from a national credit repair company, in business for 16 years:

  • Average starting credit score is 580.
  • The deletion rate in the first month averaged 7 deletions.
  • After 8 months, the average client had 21 deletions, averaging 4 deletions per month. (As time went on, there were fewer negative items to get deleted.)
  • After 8 months, the average score had risen to 641, but if you removed the clients who had accrued new negative activity, then the scores for those people were significantly higher.

Results from DIY credit repair following the strategies in the book, Repair Your Credit Like the Pros (shared here with each book reader’s permission):

  • From book reader Adam: “My Experian score has officially increased 100 points as of today. Started out at 510 and now I’m at 610. It’s been less than a month since I sent out my first letter. I wish I’d gotten your book a lot sooner.”
  • From book reader Ashley: “This <negative account> is no longer on my credit report after your advice. I’m now in the 800s because of this!”
  • From Kallsey: “My score has gone up 200 points in the last few years.”
  • From Adam: “I was at 511 last month when I started reading your book. I am at 602 as of today.”

I will share more specific success stories, including how book readers were able to negotiate awesome settlements on collections and charge-offs at another time.

As we approach a New Year, be encouraged. Credit repair does indeed work!

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