Captured By a Photograph

Have you ever been captured by a photo to where you could not stop staring at it and kept going back to look again?

That is me with this photo, below. I love how engaged these schoolgirls are in their song. I love how one girl is clapping opposite of all the others and one is choosing not to clap at all.

These girls are in school because someone paid for their uniforms and school fees. In Ethiopia, school is not free, so the children of poor families remain uneducated. Only 44% of Ethiopian women can read. Consequently, they grow up to be “beasts of burden” gathering and carrying firewood on their backs to sell — or to similar fates.

Approximately 90 percent of the workforce in this backbreaking trade of carrying fuelwood this way in this area are women. Photo by Christopher Lett/Mongabay.

If I — if we together — can save one girl from this life through education… !

This is Giving Week with Tuesday being Giving Tuesday. I am donating 100% of my book royalties this week to New Life Ethiopia for education. I have personally met the founder of this organization. She and her husband volunteer 100%, taking no salary or wages from donations. (They have other jobs.)

This is the perfect time to purchase any one of my credit books, possibly as a gift for someone, here or here or here.

Or, if you would prefer to look at their Gifts that Change Lives catalog and choose for yourself how to donate directly, you can use this link.

Please share on social media as you feel is appropriate. Thank you and God bless!

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