Happy Thanksgiving: Credit-Wise

Three Things to be Grateful For This Thanksgiving Weekend

1. Thankful for knowing more about how to manage and repair credit than before.

2. Thankful for the freedom we have to earn income and to use credit to personal advantage (such as, we are not required to pay all cash to buy a home as in some countries).

3. Thankful that the credit scoring model does not take income into account (credit bureaus do not know anyone’s income), which would be grossly unfair.

Personally, I am thankful for the ability to post on a blog and to write books that help others. I am grateful to share my knowledge to make life better for others.

I am thankful for family and friends and for book readers and for all the nice people who have emailed me success stories and compliments on my writing.

Credit to gospelherald.com for the Thanksgiving image.

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