Change to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

You might not know this, but the current law allows credit bureaus to ignore dispute letters from credit repair companies. And that’s not all!

They can also ignore a letter from the consumer if they believe it was a template that came from a credit repair company.

Enter H.R. 7919! This bill introduced into Congress by Al Lawson, Jr. (FL) would remove the language that allows credit reporting agencies to ignore correspondence from credit repair companies. It has not yet passed. Proponents are working to gain bipartisan support to increase the chances of success.

In the meantime, you can see how D.I.Y. credit repair can work brilliantly — when you don’t use those legalese letters that look like they are from credit repair companies. That is why Repair Your Credit Like the Pros includes letters that are written in normal consumer language and are completely editable for readers who request the .docx file here.

See H.R. 7919 here. See the book here.

Results from following Repair Your Credit Like the Pros posted by Kara Sutherland on Amazon:

Credit Repair Like the Pros works!

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