30 New Letters for Credit Repair Businesses and Entrepreneurs

If you are a credit repair business owner or entrepreneur helping others with credit repair (or a non-profit enterprise), this is especially for you.

Available now: 30 letters to help you take your clients’ dispute process to the next level. Available for business and commercial use.

I have personally written each letter to accomplish 8 criteria:

  1. Sounds like it was written by an individual, not by a business.
  2. Wording must be something that a real person would say.
  3. Grammatical structure must not look like it was professionally written.
  4. Must have a non-business closing.
  5. Cannot have the appearance of a template letter.
  6. Voice of the letter must sound genuine and sincere.
  7. Must be short, one page. Representatives are under pressure to process many letters per hour and don’t want to read long letters. A letter that is too long is in danger of being quickly rejected.
  8. Cannot be part of any other template package.

    For more information, including a list of the 30 letters, please see here.

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