Message from a Book Reader and Author

Many thanks to David Simone for posting this on Facebook:

Two of the absolute best easy to work DIY books in America for building or repairing your credit. I’ve had so many wonderful credit repair mentors along along the way who helped me achieve results… namely Jesse RodriguezJesse, Jorge BuenoJorge, and Carolyn Warren. I’m within a month or two now of qualifying for a quarter million dollar mortgage to buy a house for Rosie Tesorero Cocal and me.

This stuff works.Books.jpg

There are no more credit secrets. I have them all now.

Just note that if you aren’t paying attention to the insane effect of interest on your life, it may explain why your bank accounts look the way they do.

Also, its just not a good idea to ignore the 3 credit bureaus anymore. They control your life in a far bigger way than you now realize.

Being a good steward of money and converting to an investor mentality instead of consumer mentality can and will change your life.

What I’ve personally accomplished in two months is so exciting that i couldn’t sleep last night, i mean not one wink. I’ve been up all night watching my own dreams come true.
~ David Simone, author of The Motivational Book

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