New Fee Schedule for VA Loans in 2020

Below is the chart for VA loans closing between 2020 and 2028.

Most VA loans have a funding fee that is rolled into the loan.

Veterans who received a Purple Heart and veterans who were disabled during service pay no funding fee.

The percentages are based on the loan amount. For example, if you purchase a $300,000 home with zero down, and you are using your VA benefit for the first time, the funding fee is 2.3% of $300,000 = $6,900.

Therefore, your loan will be $306,900.

Here is the chart for the VA Funding Fee 2020:

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  1. Thank you for always including information regarding veterans in your superb articles.
    There is an additional chart with different funding rates for the National Guard and Reserves. These rates are slightly higher with separate down payment rates.


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