Using “Side Income” to Buy a Home

Do you have a part-time gig making money on the side? If so, you’re not alone.

44 million Americans and half of all Millennials (people born between 1982 and 2002) side hustle for extra income, according to a recent survey. 

Some of the ways people earn extra cash:

  • Delivery driver (for Amazon or another company)
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  • Seller on Etsy
  • Dog walker
  • Household help
  • Photographer
  • Graphic design
  • Personal shopper
  • Uber driver
  • Proofreader, copy editor

Earning  money is fantastic, but if you’re applying for a home loan, here’s what you need to know about part-time income.

There are two components to getting approved:
Down payment and Income


You may use the funds for your down payment as long as they are in a bank account and can be “sourced,” meaning show where the money came from. 

You may not use cash from your home safe or hiding under your bed. That is called “mattress money” and must be deposited into a bank account for three months before it can be used for your home loan.


To include side income or part-time income to qualify for the loan payment, you must have had the job/income for at least 24 months. Also, you must verify that income with a W2 or a 1099 and tax returns. As long as the proper time and verifications are in place, then your awesome side income can help you qualify for the loan you need.

I hope you found this information helpful. Thank you for reading! If you are buying a home in WA or CA, I am licensed in those two states and would be happy to help you. Online application here.



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