A Place to Call HOME

HOME. There’s just something about a place that you can call your own. It may not be big or super fancy. It might not have granite countertops and hardwoods throughout. The kitchen might be a little dated, and maybe the front door could use a facelift. But darn it — it’s HOME and it’s YOURS!

Because it’s  yours, you have time to make improvements as funds become available. In the meantime, you are acquiring equity, growing your personal wealth in real estate.

So go ahead, pick out some paint and make it uniquely yours. According to decorating magazines, gray is the new “in” color. Some people mix it with beige for what they’re calling “griege.” Not your thing? How about an accent wall in a color called garbanzo? Heck, if 1950s turquoise is more to your liking, have at it, because the house is YOURS and you can color it any way you like.

When you pull weeds or mow the lawn, it’s not a chore anymore. It’s pride of ownership. Come to think of it, you might even plant some azaleas or roses or a row of delphinium to attract the butterflies.

If you’re in a condo and don’t have much space, you might steal an idea from Good Housekeeping and install an herb garden on an old pallet you picked up for free. It might not be the Butchart Gardens, but it’s YOURS and it’s fun, and it brings you joy.

Sometimes, the simplest things can bring pizazz to a home. Like one time I found these unique light switch covers that I thought were so pretty, so I bought a bunch of them and installed them in my house. In the months and years that followed, you would not believe how many compliments I got on those little pieces of art. It wasn’t a big thing, but it made me happy.

Now, there are more creative light switches than ever. How much fun is this geeky home accessory made by a company called “Power-Up”? It’s a mini classic arcade joystick, complete with sound effects. When you own the home, it’s worth the effort to make it special.

Maybe what you can afford right now is no bigger than a small cottage. That’s okay. No one ever said your house has to be a mansion. Besides it’s less space to clean and the heating bill is more reasonable.

Do you work in the city? Consider a condominium where you can walk to practically anyplace you want to go. It’s not a bad lifestyle for the busy professional who doesn’t have the time or inclination to take care of a yard.

Over the years, I’ve rented and I’ve lived in various style homes that were mine. And I  have to tell you, there is something about knowing that the place where you brew your coffee in the morning and sit down to relax at the end of a long work day is YOURS.

It may not be perfect, but hey, it’s YOUR HOME. And that’s what’s most important.

Most people say they want to own their own home someday. You might be surprised to know that “someday” is now. Perfect credit not required. Only 3% down for first-time buyers. If you’re in California or Washington, you can connect with me here. I’d love to help you.

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