How to Shop For a Mortgage

Shopping for the best interest rate can be time-consuming and stressful. Have you ever wished for a Personal Shopper to do the work for you? I have good news!

You can have your own personal shopper for the best loan program and a low interest rate. And, it won’t cost you a thing!

A mortgage broker shops wholesale lenders — which is even better than paying retail at your local walk-in bank. It’s not uncommon for a mortgage broker to have a relationship with 40 to 50 different wholesalers.

A mortgage broker has an automated system for finding the best pricing. On top of that, a mortgage broker knows which lenders have simple requirements and which are difficult requiring a mountain of paperwork.

A mortgage broker knows which lenders process and approve loans quickly and which are slow-moving Behemoths.

A mortgage broker can pick up the phone and speak with the underwriter who sits behind closed doors. The broker can advocate on your behalf, challenge paperwork requirements that make no sense, and get an exception when warranted.

And again, for this stellar service, you do not pay a thing. In fact, you will pay less with a broker than you would with a direct lender the vast majority of the time. Why? Because you will be getting your loan wholesale rather than retail.

When you work with a broker, it’s like you’re getting white glove service at a bargain price.

Over the last year, mortgage brokers have been increasing in business while many banks and direct lenders have been declining in business. More and more people are becoming educated to the advantages of working with a mortgage broker.

This is precisely why I choose to work as a mortgage broker myself.

If you or someone you know would like to purchase a home in California or Washington state, I am licensed in those states (NMLS # 1284134) and would be most happy to help. Inquire online here.