Proof that DIY Credit Repair Works

Does credit repair work? YES

Is credit repair a scam? NO, not when you do it legally like the certified, licensed, credit repair specialists.

One of my book readers  recently sent me this, showing her success.

Previously, her credit report had a charge-off from Verizon that she did not agree with. She challenged it and won! This letter from Experian shows the results and outcome: “Deleted – This item was removed from your credit report. Please review your report for the details.”

She was so happy, because having this negative item removed from her credit will boost her score. I cannot predict how many points her score will go up, because it varies depending on the person’s overall credit report. That said, having a charge-off removed is a major success!

Congratulations, dear book reader, and thank you for giving me permission to post this as an encouragement to others that DIY credit repair works.

All the steps on how she did this are in Repair Your Credit Like the Pros: How credit attorneys and certified consultants legally delete bad credit and restore your good name. You can check it out here.

Please share this encouragement with others who either need to restore their credit and/or who want to know how the credit system works. I appreciate it so much, and they will too!

4 thoughts on “Proof that DIY Credit Repair Works

  1. Hi Carolyn! Did you have a chance to look at my email question from last week?

    I know you are crazy busy with a million emails, but I was asking about the “cons/disadvantages” of getting a “Pre-Approval” ltr from your bank–as mine tried to convince me.

    Thanks ever so much, Lin

    1. Linda, I am not sure if I missed an email from you…?

      The disadvantages of working with a bank:
      1) Loan officers at banks are not required to complete 20+ hours of training and pass a vigorous test to get licensed. They are not required to get a mortgage license at all!
      2) Loan officers at banks are not required to be fingerprinted for a background check by the National Mortgage Licensing Agency. Thus, fraudsters can lurk in banks.
      3) I have recently seen some major mortgage errors made by loan officers in banks that ended up costing the home buyer the loan and therefore the house: due to #1 and #2 above (incompetency).
      4) Some big banks are giant, slow moving machines so their loans take a long time to close. Of course, the loan officers never tell you this upfront.
      5) Some banks pressure their loan officers to get in a quote of applications. To meet the quota, the loan officers takes the application and then sends the loan on down the assembly line to the processor, etc., and never looks at the loan again. Thus, you do not receive the “white glove” service of a loan officer who micro-manages your loan all the way through to funding and closing.
      6) Banks have only their own loans; they do not have the ability to shop other wholesale lenders.

      I will freely admit that I am biased toward full-service mortgage lenders, brokers, and direct lenders who can also broker out.


  2. I love your book on credit repair. I recommend it to everyone that I know that is trying to get on track financially. When I found your book (just over a year ago) my credit score was a 633. It is now 786! (This is NOT a typo). I followed your advice and from their my score skyrocketed!!

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