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Loan Estimate Review

Would you like an unbiased expert to review your loan offers, calculate the true cost, point out any needless junk fees, and consult with you about which offer is best and why?

I have 23 years’ experience as a mortgage broker, bank loan officer, and wholesale mortgage account executive, so I have seen it all; and I understand mortgage pricing.

January 2022, I retired from doing loans, so I am not looking to collect leads or gain business. I am truly an unbiased source of information.


You email me a pdf copy of your loan estimates. I do a through line-by-line review and rate check, which can take an hour or more, especially if I need to compare title fees and place phone calls. Then we have a 30-minute telephone consultation where I explain the best loan and answer your questions.


One Loan Estimate or Fees Worksheet: $45
Each additional estimate/worksheet: $20
Pay by Paypal after the consultation. You can use any major credit card.

Please fill out the form below to get started. I will then email you with my email address for sending the estimate or worksheet and confirm the time for our consultation. Thank you.


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