Dispute Letters: Four Mistakes to Avoid

You don’t want to send a letter to the credit bureaus that shoots yourself in the foot, that cements a bad account to your report like Gorilla Glue.

There’s a lot of BAD information on YouTube about credit repair.

And there’s a lot of BAD free letters on the Internet that will sabotage your efforts.

Three Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Your Dispute Letters to Credit Bureaus:

  1. Giving more than one reason for requesting a deletion. One letter = one reason. That’s what the best credit repair pros do. If you put all your reasons into one letter, then if they send you back a form letter denial, you’ve got nothing new to send for round two.
  2. Telling them specifically what is wrong. Listen, it’s not your job to fix things for the credit bureaus. If you tell them the balance is incorrect, then they will update the balance and your score will go down. If you tell them the date for the late payment is wrong, they will fix the date and your score will go down. Don’t do that! Instead, make this truthful statement: “This account is showing factually incorrect. Delete account.”
  3. Enclosing a copy of your letter to the creditor (Visa, Santander, Macy’s). There is no reason the credit bureau should see the contents of your letter to the creditor. If you are stating that you did not receive a reply from the creditor, simply state that with the date you sent it.
  4. Sending any dispute letter before you have cleaned up your personal identifiers: Name misspellings, nicknames, address errors, social security number or date of birth errors. Look at the list in Chapter 24 to see what to do first, second, third, etc. Don’t read the first couple chapters and then jump the gun by firing off dispute letters before you have the whole picture of what professional credit repair looks like.

If you want professional results, conduct your credit repair like the pros, not like youtubers and so-called advice from people who don’t have a portfolio of experience.
See Repair Your Credit Like the Pros here.

If You Already Sent a Bad Letter

If you made a mistake with a letter already, then my advice is to give it a rest for at least three months and work on the other aspects of your credit. Your future starts today. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up a copy of Credit Repair MINDSET. It can change your life!

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