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Turning $9K into $300K Real Estate Wealth

How would you like to turn $9,000 into $300,000 in ten years? Wouldn’t that be fantastic!

Not many people can save almost a third of a million dollars in cash in ten years, but people with ordinary incomes who can come up with a three percent down payment are acquiring significant wealth in real estate. AND…

people who can’t save 3% but who qualify for a down payment assistance program do the same!

One of the best ways to set yourself up financially is to become a homeowner. Historically, real estate doubles in value approximately every ten years. Let’s look at a scenario:

You put $9,000 down on a $300,000 house or condo. That $9K could be your own money, gift from family, or from down payment assistance, or a combination.

In ten years, your home is worth $600,000, assuming it doubles in value. You have now gained $300,000 in real estate wealth. This is not liquid cash you can spend, but it represents security.

If needed, you could sell the house and make a large profit, even after paying closing costs.

Or, you could sell and move up to a better house.

Or, you could keep the house until you owned it free-and-clear.

Eventually, you could pass it on to your children through your will. This is called generational wealth. It gives the next generation a big leg up financially. There are some groups in America who have not had the advantage of generational wealth. Now is the time to change that; and for your own family, it can start (or continue) with you.

Let’s go back to our example:

$300,000 gained over time
+ $9,000 original down payment
+ 18,000 paid down on the mortgage (estimated)
= $327,000 wealth accrued in real estate (estimated)

Let’s say you decide to spend $9,000 to buy a car instead of a house or condo. Ten years later, what do you have?

A car that’s worth less than what you paid for it.

Let’s say you decide to spend $9,000 on a cruise, a new wardrobe, and some souvenirs. Ten years later, what wealth have you gained?


It takes vision, patience, and self-discipline to save money for a down payment. For some people it takes applying for down payment assistance (if their income qualifies).

I could write a book on this topic and include sources for down payment assistance in all 50 states… oh, wait! I did.

If you want all the insider information on how to qualify for a home loan, and
the intel to get the lowest interest rate like the loan officers do, and
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then head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Get the Mortgage You Want Like the Pros now before the price increases.

I’m a huge fan of homeownership. My first house was a smelly dump, but I fixed it up and sold it for a $25,000 profit three years later.

I hope this inspires someone to become a homeowner. Please feel free to ask a question in Comments.

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