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Credit Repair Law Change & My Intimidation

Credit repair specialists have been working tirelessly to get for-profit credit repair legalized in the state of Georgia. Details are below, but first, I have a confession.

I was intimidated, anxious, and worried about having an award-winning therapist and counsellor who holds a doctorate degree in psychology read and review my book, Credit Repair MINDSET. I mean, how could I possibly deserve an accolade from a woman who was voted “Best Mental Health & Counseling” for two years in a row? Who was featured in Psychology Today Magazine?

Wouldn’t she think my writing was so simplistic it deserved zero to one stars? I’ll admit I was scared when she got my book.

Here’s what she wrote on Amazon:

I am humbled and very grateful, to say the least!

Would you do me a favor? If you like this review, would you please go to the Amazon page here and click the HELPFUL button? It would mean so much to me to have her review upvoted.

BREAKING NEWS! Georgia Credit Repair Law

Yesterday, February 1, 2023, bill H.B. 187 was introduced into the Georgia House of Representatives. The House Bill is to legalize for profit credit repair in the state of Georgia. The bill is in the hopper and will be assigned to committee shortly. The bill was sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats making it a bi-partisan effort this year.

First, the bill must pass the house by March 6, crossover day, to be moved to the Senate. Second, the bill must pass the Senate by March 29, the last day of the session for this year.

To track the bill, here is the link:

Many thanks to Matt Liistro, Georgia Credit Repair Trade Association, for this pertinent news!

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