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You CAN Improve Your Credit in 2023

Hard times don’t last forever, and neither does bad credit. You can take steps to overcome mistakes of the past and raise your credit score — starting now.

Can bad credit really be removed from a credit report? Look at this letter Peggy B. sent me. This was a collection account with Verizon — deleted!

This is from an email I received in 2022:

“My name is Robert R. and I purchased Repair Your Credit Like the Pros. I have had fantastic results using your advice and instructions. I’ve had numerous old collection accounts removed from my credit report, and I am pleased to report that my score has increased from about 500 to 700 or so today.”

Ron H. wrote:

“TransUnion has removed 11 derogatory accounts from my credit report profile with them!!!!!!!

“All my debts have been settled and negative tradelines have been removed. I negotiated my final debt of $2,388 for a settlement of $597 (25% of balance owed) and a “Pay for Delete” of the negative tradeline. As always, YES, I did get everything in writing BEFORE paying the debt.”

Adam D. wrote:

“My Experian score has officially increased 100 points as of today.”

How did these people improve their credit so much, so fast?

  1. They ordered their credit reports via USPS mail, as in Chapter 2.
  2. Peggy used the Credit Investigation Form that comes with the letter packet included in the book.
  3. Adam and Ron used the negotiation strategy in Chapter 15.
  4. They all used the list of what to do first, second, third, etc. in Chapter 24.
  5. They all followed the guidelines in the book for establishing positive credit.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t improve your financial situation, your credit, or reach your goals. Who are they to forecast your future and say you cannot do something? Tell them this:

Your opinion is not my reality. (Quoted from Steve Maraboli.)

When I hit my personal bottom and lost nearly everything in my life, I did not wallow in the mud. I got myself to the bookstore and went home with a bagful of hope. I literally read my way out of a pit of poverty and darkness — of course, by taking actions after reading.

My story is in Credit Repair Mindset Journal. Inspiration is in Credit Repair Mindset. The roadmap and all strategies are in Repair Your Credit Like the Pros. How to go from zero to a top tier credit score in the fastest amount of time is in Build and Protect Your Credit Like the Pros. All are available on Amazon.

All credit improvement emails are shared with permission from the book readers.

Make 2023 your best year yet! May God bless your journey.

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