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Government Grants for Free Houses & 2023 Interest Rate Forecasts

My friends in the mortgage business are receiving lots of phone calls and emails from folks asking about the free grants from the U.S. government (and other sources) for getting a home.

There’s a website with a .gov domain that looks like it belongs to the U.S. government. On the website, many grants are offered — everything from real estate to education to business start-up money. Wow, who can’t use some free cash to make their dreams come true in 2023?

Here’s the TRUTH:


One self-proclaimed guru has predicted a return to 5% this spring for 30-year conventional loans; but he’s only right about half the time, so we shall see. No one knows what will happen this year, just like no one knew rates would rise so extraordinarily fast mid-2022. So take the forecasts with a grain of salt. I’ll be watching for that spring prediction and comment on it then. I hope it’s true, but I’m not holding my breath.

What would you like me to write about in 2023? I am open to your suggestions. And thank you for reading and subscribing. I do my best to help people stay in the know about credit and home buying and save money.

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