Who’s Getting Worse Customer Service?

In a shocking admission of truth — according to DSL Reports — Cable One fully admitted that they provide worse customer service to people with lower credit scores.

CEO Thomas Might said at a JP Morgan Global Technology conference that their cable company’s support staff is not going to spend 15 minutes setting up an iPhone app for a customer who has a low FICO score.

Legal or not, like it or not, Cable One (who services about a million people) made it known that a variety of companies are getting more skilled at using data to identify consumers with credit challenges and low credit scores so that they spend less time and resources servicing them.

I’ve written a lot about how having a good credit rating gets you respect in the business world. This is one real life example of that happening. It might not be legal, but it is life.

It’s not going to do much good complaining about it, so instead, take action to raise your credit profile, increase your credit score, and gain the respect you know you deserve.

It’s quick and easy to pick up one great guide and one great boost of inspiration: HERE and HERE

You are worth it!

Source: National Credit Care Newsletter to Mortgage Brokers 11/9/2021

6 thoughts on “Who’s Getting Worse Customer Service?

  1. Wow, that is amazing…

    A company can take your money, but provide less service due to one’s credit score…

    Talk about discrimination on the highest levels…

  2. Hi Carolyn, I’ve been following your blog for years, I have your book, and I ordered one for my daughter as well, I agree with you we should all be working on our credit scores and we have and are just about reaching the 800 Club! However I respectfully disagree with you regarding not complaining about criminal types like the ones mentioned in this article. I’m an activist and belong to the largest group that complained loudly and fought vigorously and were successful at punishing those that committed crimes against the American people during the 2008 fraud closure.

    1. You have a good point, Donald. I do believe you are correct in saying we should take a stand against unfair practices, especially when the actions discriminate against a group of people illegally. Thank you for changing my mind about that sentence that says it does little good to complain.
      Congratulations on your soon entry into the 800 Credit Score Club! That is fantastic!!!

  3. I must say, I disagree because these credit bureaus are run by the biggest criminal organizations there are in this country. Accordingly, I do not care what they think or how they view me. I also have been fighting Wells Fraudo (who recently paid an additional cost of doing business bribe of $3.7 BILLION, oh wait, sorry, they call them “fines”) for now over fifteen years because they claim to be “servicing” a purported mortgage that they told the credit bureaus was paid in full, closed, $0 owed, yet claim to be pulling the strings for a non-existent entity against me all these years. THEY filed an affidavit first that they knew they were suing me utilizing a name that was wrong (in 2012) then when I sued them in Federal Court, the attorney stated the entity I was suing was never registered. NEVER registered, means it NEVER existed, and yet it sued me. How does THAT happen??? So this same organization, along with other Bank of Thieves, and steal dreams Chase, and so forth create credit bureaus to say some of us are bad boys and girls. No, we are not the criminals!! At least I remain truthful to the courts unlike my opposition.

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