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Who’s Getting Worse Customer Service?

In a shocking admission of truth — according to DSL Reports — Cable One fully admitted that they provide worse customer service to people with lower credit scores.

CEO Thomas Might said at a JP Morgan Global Technology conference that their cable company’s support staff is not going to spend 15 minutes setting up an iPhone app for a customer who has a low FICO score.

Legal or not, like it or not, Cable One (who services about a million people) made it known that a variety of companies are getting more skilled at using data to identify consumers with credit challenges and low credit scores so that they spend less time and resources servicing them.

I’ve written a lot about how having a good credit rating gets you respect in the business world. This is one real life example of that happening. It might not be legal, but it is life.

It’s not going to do much good complaining about it, so instead, take action to raise your credit profile, increase your credit score, and gain the respect you know you deserve.

It’s quick and easy to pick up one great guide and one great boost of inspiration: HERE and HERE

You are worth it!

Source: National Credit Care Newsletter to Mortgage Brokers 11/9/2021

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