Live Zoom Class: 7 Facts About Credit All Homebuyers Should Know (Wed. Nov 30)

I will be presenting a class that qualifies for one Continuing Education Credit*, hosted by Vanport Escrow and Title this Wednesday, November 30th, at 10: a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The one hour class is free.

All are welcome: Realtors, Loan Officers, Homebuyers, and anyone who is interested in this topic.

Here is what I’ll cover:

1) What information is on your credit report (the one that mortgage lenders get)?

2) How many credit scores do you have?

3) How is your credit score calculated? (Know this and control your own credit rating!)
* Plus, the big change coming to credit reports and scores.

4) What if you have no score? (You can still buy a house, but beware….)

5) What is a surefire way to improve your score fast?

6) What is the worst thing a homebuyer can do when they’re just about to buy a home or are in the process of buying a home that will instantly blow them out of the water and turn their approval into a denial — even if they’ve already signed documents?

I have been a follower and a fan of Carolyn for many years, and what I have learned from her over the years has helped me serve my clients and give better advice to people that I have met. I encourage you to attend the class and feel free to invite people you are working with or wish to work with if that will help your relationship with them or serve them better. I am very excited about this class.

Fred Stewart, President, Vanport Escrow and Title Company Inc.

Vanport Escrow and Title Company Inc. is the first Veteran and Black-owned escrow company in Oregon state. I am honored to be hosted by them for this class.

To sign up, complete the RSVP form here.

  • * Confirm with Vanport Escrow and Title if the class credit applies to your state.

4 thoughts on “Live Zoom Class: 7 Facts About Credit All Homebuyers Should Know (Wed. Nov 30)

  1. Hi Carolyn
    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. When I try save this event on my calendar this comes up: Self-Employed Homebuyer Class : August 3, 2022

  2. Good Morning Carolyn

    I RSVP’d , but have not received a Zoom link with 90 minutes to go before your class begins.

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