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Zero Down, $0 Cost, No Credit Score Required!

Several major lenders have rolled out new zero down loan programs for people of minority race. If you qualify, this is an excellent offer to take advantage of.

Here are three new mortgage programs:

BANK OF AMERICA: Community Affordable Home Solution

CHASE BANK: Enhanced Homebuyer Grant Program

TD BANK: TD Home Access Mortgage


These lenders are taking specific action to increase homeownership — and generational wealth — among communities that have struggled to meet the traditional asset requirements. When more Americans enjoy homeownership, our nation becomes stronger.

Statistics in 2020 showed the percentage of Black homeownership was 43%.
Latinx homeownership, 51%.
Asian American homeownership, 62%.
White/Caucasian homeownership, 72%.

If you or someone you know could benefit, please pass on this information to them.

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