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Dispute Letter Tip + Sneak Preview

It’s a good idea to edit your dispute letter to make it personal to your situation. This is why I included samples of actual dispute letters with the Letter Packet you get free with the book. (Request it here.)

One small edit you can make to help prevent your letter from looking like it is from a template is to replace “sincerely” with a different closing. Something that is not a standard business letter closing that everyone uses is good. Depending on who you are and what region you live in, here are some ideas to consider and get your creative mind working

This morning, the cover design for my new upcoming book was finalized. I am so excited and I love what the designer did, because it truly reflects the message of the book.

Here’s a sneak peek. Book expected to be released later this month, and I will provide more information about what’s inside soon.

Coming soon!
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