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Tip #5 (of 5) for writing dispute letters

Quick Tip #5 Include documentation.

One of the most effective things you can do is to include some type of enclosure with your dispute letter.

It can be a snippet, a screenshot, or a scanned/print out, or even a photocopy made from the library’s photocopy machine.

Including documentation to back up your dispute is powerfully persuasive and will help you get results with your first request.

For example:

Always keep your original document!!! Send only copies.

Remember, anything that is not factual, correct, verifiable and verified, and fair must be deleted. Always follow the law and be truthful in your letters.

Next post, I will tell you how I saw a $10 junk fee on my bill, disputed it, and ended up getting a refund check for $209.70. You are welcome to subscribe. I post about once a week, twice at the most.

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