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Handling a Bogus or Unfair Bill

I could not believe my dentist office sent me a bill for $50 for nothing!

The charge had no explanation, just the notation, “balance forward.” Forward from what? My last appointment was months ago and I had paid the bill in full at the time. There had been a cancelled and rescheduled cleaning appointment, hmmmm. Were they trying to charge me for that? Because if so, there was no way I was paying $50.

I called. “I received a bill with no explanation, and since I don’t owe any money, this must be a mistake,” I said.

She looked it up. Sure enough, the so-called bill was because I’d had to cancel an appointment without 48 hours notice.

“It was necessary for me to cancel,” I said calmly.

The next words from here were, “I have gone ahead and cancelled this in our system.”

“Thank you, I appreciate it very much,” I said.

Don’t pay unfair bills. Don’t ignore unfair bills or they will end up in collections and ruin your credit. Call and get them taken care of, then you can proceed with ripping them up.

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