Can a Bankruptcy Get Deleted Off a Credit Report? (Legally!)

Getting a bankruptcy deleted from a credit report is not a con nor a fraud. When you follow the law, per the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), you are legal in all 50 states and according to federal law.

Here is proof of a bankruptcy deleted by Experian. At the top bar in violet, it shows dispute results as of 11/17/2020.
Highlighted in yellow shows the bankruptcy was recorded in the US Bankruptcy Court in Palm Beach, FL.
It shows the results: DELETED!

This is one of two cases shown in the new book, Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy Like the Pros. This case was handled by a credit repair specialist, Mr. Scott Schaff, president and CEO of SW Group Credit Repair, who followed the law to get it deleted for his client. (Printed and posted with his permission.)

Here is a different bankruptcy case with the results from TransUnion. This case was filed in the US Bankruptcy Court in Maryland. The date of the result is 6/18/2021. DELETED!

Do not let anyone tell you a bankruptcy cannot be deleted. It CAN and it IS. Sometimes. There is never a guarantee when it comes to credit repair. How could anyone guarantee what Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion will do? That would be like an attorney guaranteeing a client what the jury will do. To guarantee another’s actions is dishonest and illegal.

It won’t happen overnight. But any time a person can get a bankruptcy legally deleted before the 7 to 10 year waiting period, that is a WIN!!!

When the bankruptcy is deleted, your credit score goes up. As a result of having a higher score, you save money on car loans, insurance premiums, mortgage loans, and credit card interest rates.

NEVER LIE! Do not lie to the credit bureaus. Do not lie to the bankruptcy court. And do not lie on a mortgage loan application. Tell the truth. If there is a question asking if you had a bankruptcy, check the box for yes. Then use one of the letters included in Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy Like the Pros to explain your bankruptcy and get your loan approved.

Thank you for reading and passing on this information to good people who had a bankruptcy in their past. This will help them move forward and save money in their financial endeavors.

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2 thoughts on “Can a Bankruptcy Get Deleted Off a Credit Report? (Legally!)

    1. Sometimes, yes. All too often the repo company violated some aspect of the law that allows for a deletion. Santander responded to a class action lawsuit by agreeing to remove repos from credit reports. (Google it if it was Santander) Other times, when the law was followed and if the repo is also recent, you need to follow Chapter 15 to get it deleted. Good luck!

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