Mentobo. New 2021 Credit Stats!

Two topics today: Mentobo and the new credit score statistics.

Mentobo is an online association to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and literally every person who wants to succeed at life. It’s got everything from discount savings to books to help you reach your goals. I am honored to have my books listed here and here.

Thank you, Mentobo! It is an honor.


The average credit score in the U.S. has gone up since 2020 by 8 points to 695. This is the highest average in 13 years.

On average, a consumer has 3 credit cards.

The average credit card balance is $5,525. Down from $5,897 in 2020 and $6,494 in 2019.

Only 2.3% of consumers have a 30-day late payment on their credit report.

1% have a 60-day late payment.

2.5% have a 90+-day late payment.

Average auto loan debt is $20,505.

Average mortgage loan is $229,242.

In spite of the pandemic, Americans are improving their credit profiles. This is great news! If your credit is below average, I suggest you avail yourself of Mentobo’s help here.

To read the full 2021 credit score report by Experian, see here.

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As always, thank you for reading. I do my best to provide interesting and useful information on credit and buying a home.

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  1. You never disappoint! Your integrity and honesty with helping those of us who have fallen into the pitfall show through!! Anyone who falls in the hands of these so called credit gurus are missing the boat if they have not picked up ALL of your books. Thank you

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