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Change Your Credit, Change Your Identity

Sunday, my pastor spoke about the blind man, Bartimaeus, who threw off his cloak and called out to Jesus.

In ancient times, beggars — who were blind or physically impaired and unable to work for a living — wore an outer garment that identified them as such. Their coat was literally their identity.

This reminded me that today in the business world, our credit is our identity. Without good credit, we are reduced to “beggar status” and have to take the cast-off loans with high rates and fees.

When we take an expensive loan, we waste money; thus, our finances are further penalized.

People with subprime loans pay more for their cars, more for their insurance premiums, and more for their mortgage loans. How can you get ahead when you’re throwing away money making the rich creditors even richer? It’s time to stop the absurdity!

When Bartimaeus heard Jesus was coming, he jumped up, threw off his coat, and called out to Jesus. He wasn’t going to need that beggar’s coat anymore! He knew Jesus would heal him.

Are you ready to throw off your identity of bad credit? Are you ready to jump up and have a new identity?

Jesus said to Bartimaeus, “Your faith has made you whole.”

Do you have faith that you can change your mistakes of the past, your financial hardship? Do you want a new identity you can be proud of?

There was a time when I stood in line at the food bank because my part-time job at minimum wage was not enough to feed my two kids. Mentally, I never took on the identity of a welfare mom — I knew it was temporary and that I had to get a better job. Three months later, I was off food stamps, and I was on my way upward.

Believe you can make the change, and then take action! Every journey begins with a single step.

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