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Three Credit Repair Success Stories

May I encourage you with a few more success stories from people who have followed the strategies in Repair Your Credit Like the Pros?

G.R. wrote to say their TransUnion score went from the low 600s to 760.
And Equifax went from the low 600s to 740.
Scores were obtained from Vantage Score, which tends to be a little higher than FICO. But what a difference!

G.R.’s late payments were removed using the Credit Investigation Form in the book.
Collections were removed using slightly customized letters from the book and writing “Urgent” in red across the top.

G.R. is still working on a few minor issues.
Well done! Your credit score improvement will save you money in interest, fees, and premiums.

P.J. wrote to say they received a refund of over $400 in fees collected by the credit card company due to their illegal charges. P.J. wrote, “Your book was awesome!!!!!”
Well done, P.J., and thank you for the five exclamation points!

Katia (who gave permission to use her first name) wrote to say she went from 574 credit to 720 credit in 8 months.

The moment I took repairing credit seriously, I began to reap the benefits. ~ Katia

If you, too, are ready to take your credit and your future seriously, do yourself a favor and grab your copy of the life-changing book from Amazon. This current edition gets you ALL the letters; the old version some resellers are peddling does not contain all the current letters and is missing about 5,000 words of information. Please be aware that an author does not get any royalty payment on used, resold books. Thank you for purchasing new.

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