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Real Estate Agent’s Mistake Turns into a Blessing

Many thanks to Charmalyn Thurman for sending me this message today:

I’m a real estate agent and had been looking for ways to help my clients improve their credit score to qualify for renting or buying a home.

During my search I heard a credit repair specialist mention Repair Your Credit Like The Pros during an interview.  I intended to buy Repair Your Credit Like The Pros but mistakenly ordered Build & Protect Your Credit Like The Pros.

What I thought was a mistake really turned out to be a blessing!

I almost returned the book.  However, as I read the back cover and browsed the table of contents, I decided to keep the book for my teenage daughters to read.  I also read it.  Personal Finance is included in their home school high school curriculum but credit literacy, as you provide in Build & Protect Your Credit Like The Pros, was lacking.

Thank you for such a concise, relevant, and practical resource to provide credit literacy.  The education you provide in this book should be included in all personal finance and even business math courses.

I recommend this book to everyone – high school students, college students, parents, tenants, home buyers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers & lenders.

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