Road to a Smooth Loan Closing: Avoid These Mistakes!


Be smart! Pay attention to the roadblocks and avoid them. That way, you will have a smooth and stress-free closing. I am state-licensed in California and Washington. I shop wholesale lenders for you. I am your mortgage advocate. ApplyHere



2 thoughts on “Road to a Smooth Loan Closing: Avoid These Mistakes!

  1. i’ve been through 5 idiots. now my credit score has dropped 80 points because of it. i feel “stuck”. now this “underwriter” is asking me for a letter why i was late on payments. i asked WHAT PAYMENTS? they can’t give me an answer and said it’s just a general letter. i said everything is on auto pay and i have NO late payments. my refi has been an absolute nightmare. i thank you for your wisdom.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry to hear it’s been a nightmare! What mortgage company is this (so others can avoid it like the plague)? Your loan officer should be speaking to the underwriter on your behalf and saying, “What late payments are you referring to, because there are none showing on the credit report?”

      Write a letter that states: “I have no late payments. All my payments are on auto-pay and paid on time.” Sign and date it and send it in.

      Please let me know what happens.

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