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A Debt Too Big to Pay: A message for Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, which I think of as Sad Friday. I got to thinking about what that means and debts people owe. How can a person handle a debt that is too great for them to pay?

One choice is bankruptcy. There is Chapter 7 that wipes out all debts except for taxes, government debt (student loans), and child support–pending court approval. There is Chapter 13 which is a repayment plan set up by the court to satisfy the debts.

Another choice is to work out a settlement with a payment plan with the creditor. Even the IRS will grant a payment plan, and when a person has been making faithful payments for a year, he or she can qualify for a mortgage to buy a house.

But what about the debt that is so great, it can never be repaid, can never be declared bankruptcy on, cannot qualify for a repayment plan? The debt that weighs on a person’s soul, because the debt is actually sin against God?

That is the miracle of Good Friday. Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, stepped up and willing paid that debt for you, for me, for all humankind–by giving His own innocent life.

I know it seems odd, maybe even unfair, that Jesus should pay the debt of sin for you and me. But that is what happened, as verified by holy Scripture. Now to “seal the deal,” we have to accept that payment. We have to acknowledge our debt, our sin, and accept that Jesus Christ paid the price. In turn, we pledge to make him Lord of our life.

It’s a wonderful trade-off! We get forgiven and we get a Savior to lead and guide us through life.

So although Jesus dying on the cross is sad, it is also a day of goodness and hope — especially when Jesus rose from the grave in victory on what we call Easter morning!

Thank you for reading my heart-felt post today.

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