News! Now Helping Home Buyers in the West, including Alaska and Hawaii, in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida

I am pleased to announce that I have joined the team at TILA Mortgage (dedicated to the Truth-in-Lending-Act), a division of American Pacific Mortgage Corp. #1850. This lender is aligned with my own high standards of being an advocate for the Borrower, following all lending laws, and transparency. As the author of Mortgage Rip-Offs and Money Savers, this is important to me.

If you would like to get the pre-approval process started, please use this quick and easy form here. (Input your own name and email.)

Please pass on this info to other folks who want to buy a home or refinance, because a lot of people are looking for a licensed, ethical and honest expert to help them.

I appreciate it so much!
Carolyn Warren, NMLS #1284134


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  1. Thanks Carolyn!

    How have you been? As a long time follower of your column, and a reader of your books, I say this is a great move!

    My wife and I are currently looking for a home in Delray Beach, Florida. We were touring homes with our realtor there last week.

    It is definitely a “Seller’s Market”! We put a bid in only to have an all-cash buyer bid OVER asking price! Homes were selling in HOURS!

    We can pay all-cash, but I do not believe in being house-rich and cash-poor, and our financial advisor advises against it.

    While there, we called our bank for a Pre-approval ltr, knowing we would only get a “pre-qualified” ltr. But we have no debts, good assets, and an outstanding credit history. He emailed us the pre-qualified ltr within an hour, which satisfied the seller and realtor. We still lost the home to another over-bidder.

    When we got home, I requested that they send us a “pre-approval” ltr after we submit the required documentation.

    The senior loan officer tried to make it sound like that was a *bad* idea on our part, and we should talk with them first. One of his reasons was that we may not have assets to cover closing costs.

    Now, if he had just looked at our accounts at that bank days earlier, he’d know we had $70K cash just in our checking and savings accounts. I presume closing costs would *never* be that high! We only want to buy a simple, small retirement home.

    Then I got to thinking what the “CONS” could be that he mentioned, as theseen mortgage people are all ‘BS-ers’.

    I realized he could be thinking we may want an approval for only a $375K mortage loan, but we’d find a home for $395K and he’d need to re-appraise our *worthiness, *and it would cost him time.

    I wrote back to him explaining what I thought could be his (imaginary) dilemma, and indicated that if we found a home at a higher price than our pre-approval, the bank could only loan us the market value, minus our down-payment anyway, which would be substantial.

    I sent him your Web links and a link to your wonderful book, and asked him to take a look.

    He replied that he’d be happy to do the “pre-approval ltr”, and sent us a ridiculously long list of documents that would be necessary.

    I’ve had 3 mortgages thru this bank, they know us well; but they still do this on the hopes we’d be happy w their “pre-qualified” process.

    What gives? Are there really some secret hidden bad things about getting a “pre-approval” letter from your mortgage banker?

    As always, thanks for your insight!


    Linda Amendt Text: 301-775-2501

    On Apr 13, 2017 1:53 PM, “Ask Carolyn Warren”> wrote:

    askcarolynwarren posted: “I am pleased to announce that I have joined the team at TILA Mortgage (dedicated to the Truth-in-Lending-Act), a division of American Pacific Mortgage Corp. #1850. This lender is aligned with my own high standards of being an advocate for the Borrower, fo”

  2. I am surprised that your bank is not giving you “red carpet” service, given your history with them. But then again, loan officers at banks don’t have to be licensed, go through the hours of training and pass the tests, have a background check, etc., so the quality of loan officer you get is sometimes questionable.

    If you love your bank, you can continue with them. If you would be happier going to another lender, you are welcome to do so. Naturally, I would volunteer for that myself!

    I cannot tell you why that loan officer is being difficult as I do not know who that person is. What I can tell you is that if you want my assistance, I will provide transparency and good service.

  3. Well, all I can say is… Carolyn is top notch and I can tell you from direct personal experience that she’s going to give anyone who goes to her for a mortgage the most professional, courteous service you will find anywhere.

    Not only will you get the absolute best loan with no junk fee’s, but she has knowledge that I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

    We had some very unique challenges going into buying a home and she blew through those challenges and defied what we thought was even possible. Truly a miracle worker for sure.

    So if you’re looking for a mortgage lender in any of these states she now does mortgages in, don’t waste any time, get on board with Carolyn and at the very least, let her work her magic and get you an Estimate and watch her blow your mind in what she can accomplish! You won’t be sorry.

    She had our pre-approval in no time flat and we are now on our way to closing on June 1st, and it was all due to her hard work and unbelievable knowledge that got us there.

    We can’t thank you enough Carolyn, you truly are the best!

    Michael & Erica

    1. Thank you so much, Michael and Erica! It is my joy to help you become home owners.

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