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Best Way to Buy a House for a Family Member

This is a great (but often overlooked) strategy for helping a family member get into their own home. Thisbuy-home applies to the following situations:

How It Works

You present the family member’s income documentation to show they need help in qualifying for a mortgage. (The family member must be on a fixed income, not a low-paying job that could soon change into a higher paying job.)

You are then eligible get approved to buy the home using your own income and credit–without having to take the higher interest rate and larger down payment required for a non-owner occupied or investment property.



Would You Like My Help?

I can help home buyers in the Western states. I am personally licensed in California and Washington (NMLS # 1284134) and I work with colleagues in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. You can contact me here. If you are in another part of the U.S., contact your local full service mortgage lender.

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