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“When Should I Get My Good Faith Estimate?”

?????????????????????????????????????????????????Dear Carolyn,

I am not sure if I should ask for my Good Faith Estimate in the pre-approval process before finding the house to purchase or after the property is identified. I am about to make an offer. Can you clarify?  ~ Chris

Yes Chris, here is the process you’ll want to follow for a smooth and secure mortgage experience:

1) Ask for a cost estimate or initial fees worksheet. This is the new upfront estimate that you can get without having your credit pulled or providing all your financial documentation.

2) Based on these estimate worksheets, choose your lender/loan officer.

3) Submit your financial documentation and have your credit checked by your chosen loan officer, so that you can obtain a solid pre-approval letter, in writing.

4) Go house shopping, with your pre-approval letter in hand, with your real estate agent. Your agent will need the letter when you submit an offer to buy a house.

5) After you’ve found a house and have a mutually signed purchase agreement, then you send that signed agreement to your loan officer, who will then adjust your loan amount, etc., accordingly and provide you with full loan disclosures. These loan disclosures include the 3-page Good Faith Estimate, Truth-in-Lending form, and other pertinent information about your loan.

If you need more personal help, please click on my webpage above that says, Review My Estimate.

Best wishes and happy house hunting!
Carolyn Warren

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